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Parametric, Open source, 3D modelling

- in your browser


Shapesmith is parametric, so it's very quick and easy to modify your models. You can also use variables with expressions to quickly change models, like changing the radius of holes:

3D-print ready

Import STL models and edit them, and export your models to STL and print it on your 3D printer:


No install required - if you have a WebGL-capable browser you can use Shapesmith. Shapesmith is built with pure HTML5 and Javascript, and makes use of various new web technologies.

chrome safari* firefox
* WebGL is not enabled in Safari by default. Here are the instructions to enable it.

Open source

Shapesmith is completely open source under a permissable license (MIT). You don't have to worry about the hosted version disappearing, you can always run your own server. You can also run you own server in your school or business to keep your models private.

Shapesmith is on Github.


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